Upper Playground

Upper Playground utilizes VU OMS and VU Manufacturing to power their on-demand virtually merchandised streetwear brand.

“We chose VU Custom* because they have the most complete solution: an end-to-end software suite, production capabilities, and wrap around services. VU is more powerful than anything else we saw on the market. It has enabled us to offer a wide array of choices to our customers and print and produce on demand, which significantly reduces our inventory risk. VU’s production also lets us respond to spikes in demand based on current events."

Because of VU OMS and VU Manufacturing Upper Playground has been able to significantly reduce their finished goods inventory, while being able to showcase a breadth of product and designs to their end customers.

In 2021, our best seller was a commemorative t-shirt of baseball legend Tommy Lasorda. After his passing, the tribute t-shirt saw a big spike in demand, and we were able to respond in real-time by printing on demand. This ability to react to consumer trends is a game-changer for Upper Playground. Today, we virtually merchandise hundreds of graphic designs, without needing to manage a lot of inventory, and we continue to scale profitably as a result of our partnership with VU Custom.”

*formerly JTB Custom and JTB Custom’s Silhouette software