A Differentiated
End-to-End Solution

From fashion powerhouses to innovative sporting goods makers, brands across diverse sectors recognize the power of product personalization and customization in driving growth. What truly differentiates us? It's our holistic, end-to-end solution. We ensure that for our client brands, personalization isn't just a trend but a sustainable strategy, seamlessly integrating into their growth narratives.

VU Custom - Customizer


Front end Visualization toolkit & admin tool to allow for flexible design

VU Custom - Integration


Our software seamlessly integrates with industry giants, enhancing your workflow and boosting productivity

VU Custom - Admin Tool

Admin Tool

Our admin tool empowers you with robust controls for seamless management and optimization

VU Custom - Integration Options & File Delivery

Integration Options & File Delivery

Factory Integration & File Delivery

VU Custom - OMS


On Demand Production Management

The VU Custom SaaS Solution

Brands are making product personalization and customization a priority in their growth strategy in a range of industries from fashion and footwear to hydration bottles and sporting goods.

VU Custom - The VU Custom SaaS Solution
VU Custom - Customizer

1. Customize Product

Our SaaS Solution embeds seamlessly in your e-comm platform offering customization options for your products.

VU Custom - Capture Order

2. Capture Order

Information from each customized product order is transformed into a unique 'recipe' token.

VU Custom - Integration Options & File Delivery

3. Send Data

The 'recipe' token data is automatically transmitted to your production floor through our embedded SaaS solution.

VU Custom - Manage Order On-Demand

4. Manage Order On-Demand

Access and manage orders easily. Integrate with our OMS, your ERP or WMS, or a 3-parties software.

VU Custom - Begin Production

5. Begin Production

The customized product is produced according to the order traveler's detailed instructions and provided visual sample.

VU Custom - Ship Order

6. Ship Order

Our software gives the production team clear visuals and instructions, ensuring the shipped product matches the order.

VU Customizer

Transforming product customization through a vivid 3D experience, simplified product creation, and comprehensive analytics.

  • Flexible 3D Experience
  • Accelerated Browser Response
  • Rapid Product Rendering
  • Customizer Toolkit
  • Optimized Viewing Experience
  • Interactive Elements within 3D Imagery
  • New Admin UI and Unified View
  • Scalable Infrastructure “Shopification” of Back End
  • Comprehensive Production Resources and Imagery
  • Personalized Monogramming
  • Comprehensive Data Analytics
  • Streamlined Product Creation and Deployment
VU Custom - Chaco Personalized Products



VU Custom - Integrations Front End


VU Custom - Integrations Back End

VU Admin

VU Admin empowers you to connect and maintain your brand’s customization program.

VU Admin features capabilities such as:

  • Product setup & administration
  • Product linking to your eCommerce store catalog
  • Asset library
  • Profanity filter administration
  • Image collections
  • Font and embroidery style management
  • Starting Points
  • Versioning
VU Custom - Admin Personalized Products

Factory Integration & File Delivery

Drawing from VU Custom’s decades of expertise, we’ve collaborated with factories worldwide, each with its unique systems and technical specifications. Our platform is adaptable, secure, and seamlessly integrates into diverse ecosystems, catering to brands with varied facilities and distinct needs.

VU Custom offers a range of flexible factory integration pathways:

VU OMS Direct (Web-Based Platform Login)

Once an order flows into VU OMS, you can manually access the traveler. From there, you can update the order statuses, and fulfillment notifications will be seamlessly relayed back to Shopify.

SFTP Integration

VU Custom or an affiliated partner can establish automated systems to transfer the order travelers to a folder in an established SFTP server once an order enters the VU OMS.

API Based Integration

Our team and partner network can determine which factory integration path is best suited to meet the needs for your brand and factories.


From enhanced order processing with advanced logic to sophisticated capture and reporting mechanisms and innovative prototyping, VU OMS streamlines backend operations for seamless order fulfillment and management.

Robust Admin View & Functionality

Previously constrained, now tailored to individual client needs.

Drawing from our firsthand factory insights and collaborations with over 100 global factories, we've developed an admin interface grounded in practical requirements. This equips us to handle an extensive array of situations related to the processing and management of customized products.

Standardized Integrations

Enhanced integrations with a variety of external inventory systems including Basic Auth, Dropbox, FTP, Fulfill Engine, NetSuite, OAuth, QuickBooks, S3, SFTP, SharePoint, Shiphero, ShipStation, and Zoho. OMS connector designed to seamlessly transmit orders to external platforms.


Ability to integrate with external shipping systems

Inventory Management for Customized Products

  • Easily track products, parts, components, and more - Overview of materials needed for each product (Bill of Materials)
  • Detailed labor costs and requirements (Bill of Labor)
  • Quick calculations of product costs (Cost of Goods Sold)
  • Alerts for when to reorder products or parts
  • Inventory updates as soon as orders come in
  • Precise product location tracking, even down to specific bins
  • Comprehensive reporting on inventory levels
  • Simple manual inventory adjustments
  • Automatic creation of purchase orders
  • Streamlined work order creation
  • Efficient product receiving processes

On-Demand Production Management

  • Web-based management for on-demand custom product production, purpose-built to efficiently handle single-item batches
  • Organize orders by factors like shipping priority and SKU, offering flexibility for facilities with different batching preferences
  • Manage production with fundamental statuses: new orders, in process, on hold, and shipped
  • Granular order processing using waypoints to detail every step within the production process
  • Enhanced traveler logic to accommodate partial orders
  • Order processing that includes a comprehensive history
  • Efficient capture and report mechanisms for operator and procedural errors
  • Vector monogram prototyping using TTF fonts
  • Vector art process prototyping with PDF output generation
VU Custom - Order Traveler

VU Custom | Order Traveler

VU Custom is the industry’s most comprehensive end-to-end vertically integrated software solution

The emerging leader with an end-to-end solution

VU Custom - On Demand