Our Vision

At VU Custom, our mission is to make product customization accessible, engaging, and streamlined.

We power a future where personalization, customization, and virtual merchandising become second nature, seamlessly woven into your brand’s DNA.

We are leading the way, empowering you to offer standout, profitable customization options to your customers. Our front-end visualization technology brings your designs to life. Combined with our purpose-built order management system and a vast network of production partners, we streamline every step. From the initial order and order management, all the way to your customer’s door, we are your end-to-end solution

VU Custom - The Sak Personalized Products

Brands On the Platform

Founded as JTB Custom

Launched OMS

Launched end-to-end solution

Rebranded as VU Custom 2023

/ Make it Custom / Make it Personal
/ Make it Custom / Make it Personal