VU has been seamlessly integrated into Ridge’s Shopify site. Our comprehensive solution supports various product categories, including wallets, rings, key cases, and more, all the way through to manufacturing.

Ridge utilizes VU for personalization, decoration, virtually merchandising, and limited edition collaborations with artists.

VU Admin is used to create “Starting Points,” a feature within VU Custom’s software suite that allows brands to guide customers down the path of personalization and decoration from any product page.

VU Manufacturing has been pivotal in Ridge’s R&D and initial production of customized products. This collaboration has rapidly expanded their custom program, enabling personalization and limited editions across various product categories.

"VU Custom* has been a tremendous partner for [The] Ridge. We chose [VU] because of their end-to-end customization solution, backed by decades of experience. They guided us through determining what customization was possible for our products and their product configurator software embedded seamlessly into our Shopify ecom platform. They also provided the production solution, with fast turnaround times, and their order management software integrated into our operations nicely.

We were able to launch our personalized wallet offering in under two and a half months, in time for our critical Father’s Day selling season. Until we found [VU Custom], it was challenging to find a partner that could do everything we needed under one roof. We are happy to have found and to be working with [VU] and are looking forward to building our custom business with them!”

*formerly JTB Custom